10 benefits of sunless tanning

10 benefits of sunless tanning

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows she’s beautiful. Be that confident woman you want to be and have that healthy glow. You can finally have a smooth, hydrated tanned skin by discovering the 10 main reasons why the modern, trendy woman chooses to use sunless tanning products today.

1. Self-tanners are safer for your skin

Self tanning products are way better for your skin than the toxic UV-rays from the sun or a sunbed! It’s normal that you want to have a nice tan every once in a while, but please go for a safe alternative. It’s no longer necessary to expose your skin to harmful radiation to get a tan.

2. Your skin doesn’t age as fast

Stop with the desperate search for every tiny ray of sun. Every time the result is that you’re turned into a burned lobster who turns into a crocodile and after that into an old sourpuss. Your skin is one of the most powerful weapons to boost your charisma. Take care of it in a loving manner. Ignore the sun. You only have one skin, don’t ruin it! The self tanning products from MineTan have a nourishing formula that feeds your skin with vitamins and anti-oxidants. They’re not just safer for your skin, but they also contain hydrating and nourishing features that give your skin that extra glow. Check Minetan Coconut, an intense hydrating self-tanner with coconut water!

3. You get tan really quick

In just one hour you’ll have a natural, sun kissed tanned skin. It doesn’t get any faster and easier than that, right? Last minute invitation for a cool party? You can just wear your yellow dress without any trouble. Just use your self tanner. Done. No time? No problem. You’ll have the perfect tan instantly.

4. You can choose how tanned you want to be

By experimenting with the colour guides of your MineTan self tan product, you can choose how tan you want to be. You can let the mousse sink in for 1 hour to get the most natural result. But you can also wash it off after 3 (or more) hours to get a beautiful, dark brown tan! 

5. Your teeth look whiter

Along with your beautiful sunless tan from MineTan, your teeth will appear whiter as well! That’s because you’re creating a bigger contrast between the colour of your skin and the colour of your teeth.

6. Your body looks thinner

Tanned skin helps hiding imperfections and gives you an instant slimmer look. This is because a tan creates shadows in all the right places. Now you’ll even feel more confident than ever!

7. Your tan is easy to maintain

Getting your tan isn’t just easier, even the maintaining of your tan takes very little effort. Maintain your beautiful skin tone by moisturizing your skin every day with a hydrating body lotion or with the MineTan 3-in-1 Gradual Tan Lotion.

8. You can choose your colour

MineTan has a variety of tanning products in different tones to try out. Enjoy the southern European sun one time, and go for the Brazilian tan the next time. Do you want a deep brown tan or a golden brown glow? Or do you prefer a sun kissed look? Or a healthy glow in winter? 

9. You have a beautiful tan all year long

If the sun is gone, your tan is gone? Not with MineTan! The self tanning products of MineTan make sure that you can enjoy a glowing tanned skin tone all tear long!

10. And here’s why you should go for MineTan

We already named a few reasons to choose MineTan. But more importantly: The MineTan foam is very easy to use, gives you a smooth and odourless result and lasts longer than any other self tanning product! Not surprisingly, MineTan is declared the number 1 self tanner in Australia.

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