8 ways to make your summer tan last all through fall and winter

8 ways to make your summer tan last all through fall and winter

There are some easy, natural things you can do make you appear tan all through winter. Keep your skin looking healthy and tanned all winter long by using self-tanners, and your day will become sunnier too! Below are eight more safe alternatives to tanning beds or risking the toxic UV sun rays.

1. Moisturize daily

Use a good-quality moisturizing cream, and apply this morning, noon and night. Your entire body, from head to toe, will benefit. Think of essential oils that you can incorporate in your moisturizing routine. At the top of this list is coconut, peppermint or argan oil.

It is best known to help fade stretch marks, prevent wrinkles and dryness. Coconut oil should always be on hand in your beauty cabinet. It can be applied on your skin for everything from insect repellent to a moisturizer and even makeup remover. Try our selection of healthy coconut foam products for extra moisture!

2. Don't forget the magic of bronzer

Remember, the perfect tan is all about how it the proper appearance. When bronzing, remember that you are going for a sun-kissed -- not muddy -- look! To do this best, apply the bronzer where the sunlight naturally grazes and tans your face. These are the big three: forehead, cheekbones and chin.

Many makeup stores sell bronzers with slanted, harder application brushes. But here's a tip: Use a large fluffy brush to apply the bronzer instead. That will give you the most natural, blended strokes.

3. Always prep your skin before tanning

Don't use a self-tanner until you've prepared your skin properly. This means everything from exfoliating to waxing, shaving and tweezing. Think of your body skin as a canvas that you are about to create art on. You want to lay your skin bare and deep cleanse all your pores before applying creams and lotions.

A good way to do this is to deep cleanse with a natural coffee scrub. It helps you get that in-between fix between tans.

4. Go for a gradual self tanner

The last thing you want is for your self-tan to look streaked and fake. You need something that looks natural, not overdone. And it needs to be a reliable product that you can use week after week. The best-quality self tanners have a gradual effect. They boost color subtly.

To maintain your tan, apply the foam with a tanning mitt. It was designed for easy application. Then, after tanning, pump up the moisture with a gradual tan foam. It's excellent on both your face and body.

5. Use a portable spray tan machine

Here's a convenient tool you can gift yourself or have on hand for tanning parties. A fraction of the weight of most hair dryers, this innovative self-tanner gets the job done in seconds. The best quality types of portable machines don't look overdone. That's because they're designed to spray only a subtle, fine mist.

If you plan to show off your tan and need to access hard-to-reach places, the Bronze Babe Spray Tan Machine is perfect. Plus, it's a secret weapon of Jimmy Coco, official tanner to the models of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. What's not to love?

6. Wear the right colors of makeup and clothing

Rather than choosing a deep, dark red or blazing shade of lip color, go for a lipstick that has natural tones. Choose glossy pinks and subtle rose shades. Make-up artists and even dermatologists will tell you this. You can change the appearance of your skin shade by using an easy visual effect.

Wearing white or lighter shades of clothing is the easiest. This will show off your skin color for longer, while darker colors will have the opposite effect.

7. Drink up

"Tea-toxing" is a long-known anti-aging secret of celebrities. But it's been a beauty ritual for centuries. If you find that loss of sleep is affecting your skin, try soothing chamomile green tea or peppermint. Jasmine tea, loved by women worldwide, can balance out hormones. It's even known to aid in the healing of skin problems like eczema.

Some people enjoy a mug of mulled wine during the holidays. Well, if you're one of the many who get a rosy glow after enjoying a spiked drink, you'll appear tanner, too. Stay with the healthier drinks though, such as red wine. It's good for the heart and boosting your mood through those dark winter months.

8. Keep hydrated from the inside out

Drinking lots of water will keep your skin from drying out during the cooler fall and winter months. But did you know that the outer layers of your skin can benefit from hydration, too? "Micelles" are the molecules in water that have the ability to attract dirt and grime away from your skin.

If you wash with micellar water, you'll be not just cleansing, but treating your skin with a special hydration as well. Having clean, clear skin will then make your tan last even longer and feel so much better.

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