How long does your self-tanner or spray-tan last

How long does your self-tanner or spray-tan last

How long does a self-tanner or spray-tan last? It depends. Several factors can influence how long a sunless tan lingers. The quality of the product that you use, your care during the application process and the things that you do after applying a self-tanner all play a role in your new tan's longevity.

How self-tanners work

The skin that you are in is constantly changing. Skin cells are continually forming, dying and being replaced by new ones. Sunless tanners work by interacting with the dead skin cells that form the skin's surface layer to change their color and simulate a sun-kissed tan. Because these cells will inevitably be sloughed off to make way for new skin, the glow produced by the application of a sunless tanner has a limited lifespan. Thanks to the replacement rate of skin cells, the color produced by a self-tanner will generally only last between three and seven days. With diligent care, you might manage to stretch it to 10 days. How do you get the best results? What can you do to keep your new glow for as long as possible?

A matter of quality

Achieving a gorgeous, long-lasting tan starts with a quality self-tanner. While relying on inferior formulas can leave you dealing with streaking, blotching, unnatural coloration and rapid fading, using a high-quality self-tanner that is a good match for your skin tone makes it simple to secure a smooth, even glow that will be winning you compliments for days. Whether you opt for a lotion, foam, oil or gradual tanner, choosing a top-notch product from a trusted brand like MineTan or B.Tan will allow you to build a beautiful tan that lasts for a week or more.

Application issues

If choosing a quality product will start your self-tanning journey off on the right foot, proper application is the next step. How do you do it? Before applying the product, read its directions carefully and gather any tools that you are likely to need. Then, prep your skin by gently exfoliating it and showering. Avoid using oils on your skin because they can block the even penetration of the self-tanner. When you're ready to apply, take your time and spread the product carefully and evenly. Wear gloves or a mitt to avoid overexposing your hands to the product and wash them after you're done. Finally, apply your self-tanner or spray tan in the evening when you can stay in, relax in the air conditioning and shower the next morning. This gives the tanner time to develop and set thoroughly without being washed away by rain, sweat or your shower.

Maintenance tips

How long does fake tan last? A little minor maintenance can make a major difference in your tan's lifespan. Once you've established the perfect glow, these tips will help you keep it:

1. Shower the right way

Shower the right way. Dial back on the hot water; opt for warm or cool water instead. Finish by gently patting your skin dry.

2. Moisturize every day

Moisturize every day. Use a rich moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Avoid products that contain retinols or citrus because these substances speed the turnover of skin cells and will fade your tan faster. Also, stay away from oils. They also tend to strip away color.

3. Exfoliate mindfully

Exfoliate mindfully. While vigorous exfoliation is a sure way to fade a sunless tan, gently exfoliating areas like the neck, elbows, underarms and knees will prevent color buildup and help your tan stay even and attractive.

4. Consider adding a gradual tanner

Consider adding a gradual tanner. If you're a fan of sunless tanners who wants to keep their healthy glow going, you might want to add a gradual tanner to your routine. You can apply it daily when you moisturize or just spread it over your skin whenever you've been swimming or working up some serious sweat.

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