How to choose between self tanning foam or lotion

How to choose between self tanning foam or lotion

If you’re new to sunless tanning or have been all about that base for a long time, you don’t have to pick a side between self-tanning lotion or foam. Both lotion and foam have the goods to get you to your dream sunless tan. Whether you’re trying to go from Selena Gomez to Gal Gadot or you just need a light boost, we’ll let you in on a few tips to picking your best tanning formula.

Self tanning lotion

When you think of the word lotion, words like rich or hydrating might come to mind. Tanning lotion can align with regular lotion because it can help nourish and condition the skin. Tanning lotion has luscious properties that can add to keeping a longer-lasting tan.

Lotion is great for people on the go, people who might not have all the time to keep their skin hydrated. It’s known to take a little more time absorbing and drying, but a creamy formula usually gives off that little extra regarding a “lastability” factor.

Who wears tanning lotion best? People with mature, dry or sensitive skin types do well with lotion. The initial application may take slightly more skill than foam, but the added hydration boosts your tan’s lasting effect. 

Self tanning foam or mousse

These tanning formulas give off some major FOMO because they can present a darker sunless tan than a lotion. They dry in a snap and are easier to direct because you can see where the color is going. Self tanning foams give people new to tanning a chance to apply their tan like a pro. Foam tanner is fantastic at keeping streaking to a minimum because of the way it layers onto the skin.

Keeping the skin hydrated in the days after your foam application is great for maintaining a lasting tan. Although, if your foam is made with skin-loving ingredients, you’re halfway there.

Who wears tanning foam best? Foam is great for first-time tanners. Though they are beneficial for people with oily skin, foams can be perfect for most skin types.

Which self-tanner is right for you? The truth is, it’s all about what you like because both formulas can work well with most skin types and concerns. Both self-tanning lotions and foams are great for building your weekly tan, but try a gradual tan lotion through the week as daily and progressive self-tanning lotion and then boosting your tan for a night out with self-tanning foam.

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