How to clean your self tan applicator mitt

How to clean your self tan applicator mitt

It’s one of the most popular and important tanning accessories: the self tan application mitt. You simply cannot do without if you want to achieve a smooth and even tan. But are you doing all that’s needed to extend the life of your mitt as long as possible? Use these tips to clean and maintain your application mitt!

It’s important to wash your application mitt now and then. You may even wash it after every tanning session. Just rub it gently, use some regular soap and wash with warm, running water; the color should come off easily. Avoid, however, the use of aggressive soaps or detergents. Those won’t necessarily do a better job at cleaning your mitt than regular soap. Wring out your application mitt after it’s been washed and knead it back to its original shape to dry.

You can also put your application mitt into the washing machine, but bear in mind that that could damage your mitt. Take precautions! Also, make sure that your mitt doesn’t end up in the washing machine together with your whites, as the remainders of your self-tanner could leave them a little less white. It’s best to let your application mitt dry on its own instead of putting it in the dryer. The machine could shrink or rip your mitt.

After a couple of months, it might be time to buy yourself a new application mitt after all. But until then, you can definitely extend the life of your mitt as long as possible with these tips!

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