How to make your sunless tan last longer

How to make your sunless tan last longer

A great tan can last you a well over a week, but sometimes you’ll notice that its starts to fade before then. Sometimes, instead of politely bowing out early, your tan can disintegrate into a patchy mess before you can Bronze Goddess. How can you help your self tan stick around before your next tanning party? Follow these tips to extend your self tan.

Before you tan

The more shaving, waxing and exfoliating you do after your tan, the more quickly it will fade. Having all of these things taken care of before you faux glow is important to the life of your tan. Make sure to avoid moisture and sweat by keeping out of the gym right after you tan and make sure that you have enough time to let your tan set for at least 1 – 3 hours before showering. The deepest and most long-lasting tans however, can happen when you keep your self-tanning solution on overnight.

Plan on wearing loose clothes and avoid tight-fitting bras.

Tan preperation

Everything you’ve heard about exfoliating before you tan is true. You need to slough off all the flaky, dry skin or excess oil. Both oil and dry skin can compromise a long-lasting tan. An abundance of oil can dissolve a tan before it even sets, while dry skin can turn your tan orange and patchy, and cause it to flake off within days. Grab a loofah or your favorite body scrub and get busy prepping for the perfect tan.

Tan application

Getting your glow on with a tanning mitt can help you get an even application without staining your hands. Begin your tanning process by starting at your feet and work your way up the body to avoid disturbing the body parts that you’ve already gone over.

Once you’re ready to wash, use a gentle cleanser and rinse. While still wet, use a lightweight and oil-free body lotion and pat dry. Keeping your skin hydrated after you tan helps the skin to stay supple and healthy for a longer-lasting bronze.

Post Tanning

Keep skin nourished and hydrated from the inside out by drinking plenty of water and eating skin-nourishing fruits and vegetables. Another nifty trick is to use a gradual tanning moisturizer to help keep the credibility of your tan before you’re ready to begin the tanning process again.

Use gradual tan foams or lotions, tan extender & after sun care to help keep your tan going strong and your skin in tip-top shape!

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