How to pick the right self tanner for your skin tone

How to pick the right self tanner for your skin tone

The first step to enhancing the bronze goddess within is knowing your skin tone. Here are a few tips and tricks to figuring out your undertones and getting the right self tanner for your skin tone.

Which self-tanner fits your skin tone

Fair, cool undertones: If Amanda Seyfried, Adele or Juliane Hough are your celebrity skin doppelgängers, then you might find that you look best in silver jewelry. Look at your wrists, do your veins lean towards blue or purple? Do you try to stay out of the sun because you'll go from pale to charred in under 20 minutes? If this sounds like you, then know that keeping covered up in the sun shouldn't mean skipping out on a seamless tan.

Your shade: Get MineTan Caramel, MineTan Mink or MineTan Original Olive. These tanning foams are perfect for getting pale pink undertones into a sun-kissed glow. It's buildable, so it deepens the longer you leave it on.

Fair to light, warm undertones: You might be found with Rita Ora or Taylor Swift at the beach under an umbrella with if your veins appear more green than blue. You fair, warm-toned beauties look best in gold necklaces than silver and can get away with some major red lipstick.

Your shade: MineTan Violet Self Tanning Foam would be best for you. It gives the best bronze boost for your skin tone.

Dark, warm undertones: Kim Kardashian is your skin twin bestie, and so are Beyoncé and Rihanna. You might not notice the sun's damage as much as your fair-skinned sisters, but make no mistake, a sunless tan is still the way to catch some rays.

Your shade: MineTan Dark Ash, MineTan Blue Black or MineTan Absolute X20 would be perfect for ladies with your hue. It uses four different bronze tones to pack on the deepest summer color.

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