How to start tantouring like a pro

How to start tantouring like a pro

If you love contouring, you’re in luck because we have found a way to do it on the whole body and have it last for days with self-tanner! Now you can have chiseled cheek bones day and night without having to use makeup. Define the muscles of the body for a slimmer and stronger look. This full-body tantouring regimen can give that extra boost of confidence before you go for your morning jog or while you’re at brunch with friends. You can wear less makeup and still feel great. Below are a few tips and tricks of the tantouring trend.


As with any self-tanning regimen, properly cleansing and exfoliating before you tan is a great way to get the best color and application. If your skin is very dry, wait about a half hour to self-tan after using lotion or moisturizer. It’s best to avoid using cream before you tan so that the tan will adhere better and last longer. Make sure you have synthetic makeup brushes or disposable makeup sponges, and self-tanner in your skin undertone, ready to go.

Create your canvas

Apply an even layer of self-tanner all over the body by starting from the feet and work your way up to the face. Make sure that you are blending on the face as you would your foundation. You only need a light veil of coverage because you’ll go in to sculpt with more tanner later. The more you apply in the first step, the more you will have to do later so, keep it simple. Give the first layer about a half-hour to set before going in with the next steps.


After your whole body is dry, it’s time to tantour! Use your brush or sponge to pop and blend in color on the lowest points of all muscle and bone definition. A good trick is to lighten the pressure as you are blending the color outward for a seamless finish.

Legs: Put your heel on the floor and lift the toes up the air. This action should help you to see the definition on the leg and thigh muscles. Anywhere you see a hollow is your mark for applying color.

Torso: Stand up straight and engage your core. Flex your abs until you see the natural definition. Place color here and blend.

Arms: Begin by holding the arm up parallel to the floor and putting the hand in the “stop” position, then turn the hand downward. This movement will help to define the triceps muscle. Again, the deepest point of the muscle definition is where you will be applying the color. After tantouring the triceps, make a fist and hold the arm in the “We can do it!” position. Apply color at the deepest points.

Neck, chest and shoulders: For the chest area, you can cup the breasts upward and close to the chest until they cast a slight shadow on the decollete.

For the neck, collar bone and shoulders, hunch your shoulders, your bones will seem to pop out. Apply your next layer of self-tanner in the parts of the body where shadows are cast. This process can offer up a very slimming look which is stunning with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.

Face: Take your self-tanner and blend in the next layers of color onto the hollows of the face with either your brush or sponge. Instead of using wiping motions try using popping methods like you’re expanding each hit of color for a more even finish. The contour points should be the same as where you would apply your makeup contour.  Blend color upward and outward to the points of the face where the sun naturally hits. This is most likely around the apples of the cheeks, the forehead, nose, and chin. Feel free to get under the jawline a bit to chisel it out.

Let the magic happen

It’s best to let your self-tanner dry overnight to get the most-desired effect. Shower when you wake up with a gentle cleanser to wash off any residual tanner. Keep your movements soft and pat dry. Feel free to go in with your morning skin and body care routine as usual. Step back and be in awe of your tantoured and sun-kissed self. Now when you take your morning selfie, you can truly say #iwokeuplikethis!

If you try MineTan’s Absolute X20, for tantouring be prepared to be amazed! You can go super gentle with this self-tanner, because it packs the deepest bronze punch of all.

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