What to eat for the perfect tan

What to eat for the perfect tan

Your skin is the canvas for a natural-looking, sunless tan. When the skin is suffering from certain issues, it can affect the quality of your glow. Many skin concerns create texture, dryness, and acne to name a few. These issues can make your tan uneven and discolored. There are many ways to help treat conditions from great skin care to advice from your dermatologist, but if you’re looking to help your skin from the inside out, you might want to try checking your refrigerator. Eating the right foods can give skin a major shift towards the tan of your dreams. Below, we discuss four major skin concerns, how they affect your tan and what foods to eat to work towards a solution.

Acne and oily skin

Skin with acne can be painful and textured. When you suffer from acne, the last thing you might want to think about is self-tanning. There are a few foods that can help to calm inflamed skin and to limit oil production that comes with this skin issue so that you can bring your faux glow back to the forefront.  

Low-glycemic diets help to reduce inflammation, oil production and keep blood sugar and insulin levels on an even keel, which is important for limiting hormonal changes. Hormone changes are a significant cause of acne.

Eat this: Beans, chickpeas, celery, asparagus or low-fat yogurt.

Mature and dry skin

Signs of aging skin can show up as fine lines and deep wrinkles and a loss of collagen that results in sagging, dry skin. Dry and aging skin concerns can make for an uneven tan, that can look patchy and turn orange. If you don’t feel like you identify with aging or dry skin, at some point, you will and how you eat now, affects how your skin might look later. 

The following foods are awesome at helping prevent the effects of aging later in life. For those who are already seeing the effects of aging, these foods can help “turn back the clock” as well as work towards preventing future issues. It’s never too early or too late to start eating for better skin.

Omega-3s work wonders for dry and maturing skin. These fatty acids are packed with antioxidants to help prevent against aging free radicals. Omega-3s are also loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids which are known to plump and hydrate depleted skin.

Eat this: Olive oil, wild-caught fish, grass-fed meat, flax seeds, walnuts and sea vegetables.

All skin types

You guys, we know that you’ve probably heard of drinking more water like a million times, but it’s true, drink more water. Water isn’t only like the fountain of youth. Yes, for dry and mature skin, it helps to keep you hydrated, which in turn works to keep skin plump and juicy, but it does so much more! Water is also amazing for those with acne and oily skin, too! Everyone needs to stay hydrated, but water can flush the body of toxins that create acne and free radicals.

If you forget to drink your water, you can try eating these water-packed yummies!

Eat this: Cucumber, watermelon, celery, radishes and bell peppers.

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