Autobronceadores Bondi Sands

A tanning experience inspired by the Australian sun

Named after the famous white sandy beach in Australia, the Bondi Sands product range has been designed to create gorgeous tans similar to those found on this famous curved beach. Made in Australia, these salon quality self-tanning products make the ultimate tan accessible to everyone looking for a naturally golden tan. The products are formulated with only the best skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera and other antioxidants and also boast the signature Bondi Sands coconut scent. Every application hydrates and nourishes your skin which means that your tan will stick around for even longer.

Regardless of whether you prefer an instant wash off tan or just the perfect gradual tanner, Bondi Sands has the ideal self tanning product for every kind of bronze beauty. These have been formulated to bring out the best results in all skin tones from light to dark, so you can choose a product suited to your natural skin colour. The Bondi Sands range includes a variety of products:

Self tanning foam: If you’re a first time self tanner, you’ll love the fast-drying Bondi Sands self tanning foams. These boast a lightweight formula and mousse-like consistency that spreads evenly onto your skin to create a streak-free tan every time. For a more pronounced colour, the Bondi Sands Areo Aerated Self Tanning Foam is the next generation in self tanning and brings out a deep, rich bronze. 

Self tanning mist: Beauties looking for a different application method can use the innovative Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mists. These products boast a 360-degree applicator bottle that delivers a fine mist onto your skin, making it easier to apply your tan evenly and tan those hard to reach places.

Self tanning lotion: The Bondi Sands self tanning lotion acts as a moisturizer and self tanner all in one. It is available for light/medium and dark complexions and dries in a matter of seconds, so no sticky feeling afterwards, only the perfect glow.

Gradual tanners: Goddesses who prefer to build their tan over time have a choice between Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam, soothing Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk, or the luxurious Bondi Sands Everyday Liquid Gold Gradual Tanning Dry-Oil. If you want the perfect tan from tip to toe, choose the Bondi Sands Everyday Face Gradual Tanning Milk for a healthy facial glow.

Wash off instant tan: Don’t let that last minute beach party get you down. Bondi Sands offers a variety of instant wash off self tanners that will create a natural looking tan in as little as one hour. 

Men looking to get the perfect bronze will love the Bondi Sands Men Everyday self tanning products. There is also a back applicator and self tan remover to make managing and applying your perfect tan an effortless dream. Explore the full range of products here