Self Tanner for Face

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Create an all-round tan with a facial tanner

The key to a flawless faux tan is to have the same shade from top to toe. A facial tanner helps you achieve exactly that. These products are designed specifically to be used on delicate skin and are ideal for creating a golden glow on your face. Face tanner combines the moisturizing elements of normal face creams with a gentle tanning formula, thereby nourishing your skin while interacting with skin cells to darken your overall tone.

Whether you want to create an elegant glow on your face during the winter months or you’re trying to match your face to your already golden body tan, a face tanner is a perfect choice. Face tanning products provide a revolutionary new alternative to harmful practices like tanning lamps and are generally healthier for your skin.

Choose your face tanner application method

To eliminate the usual self-tanner mistakes and help you master self-tanner application on your face for that overall believable tan, you can choose the application method that suits you best. The application process for facial tanner is similar to the process you already know: begin with a cleanse and scrub of the skin, apply the facial tanner gently - remembering to include your neck - and remember to keep your skin hydrated. Bodyskin offers a range of premium quality face tanners that include the following:

Nano Mist Face Tanner: This fast-drying tanning solution comes in the form of a compact spray tan machine that sprays a gentle, moisturizing mist over your face. Nano Mist is easily transportable, making it ideal for frequent travelers or those looking for an on-the-go face tan.

Facial tan mist: Our MineTan Rose Facial Tan Mist is infused with rose water to soothe your skin and create a conditioned, prolonged face tan. It can be used daily as part of your regular skincare routine.

Tanning drops: If you want to customize your shade, you can use products like our MineTan Luxe Oil Tan Drops to create your own facial tanner. These drops can be added to your everyday moisturizer, cream, or lotion for a deeply hydrating sunless glow.

Keep in mind that it is important to buy face tanner online that includes superior quality ingredients that nourish and hydrate your skin. Browse our range of facial tanner products to find a face tanner that will perfect your tone.