Gradual Tanning

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Gradual tanning is a high reward option

Gradual tanning products can be used every day to create a beautiful beach tan over time. Unlike conventional self-tanning products, they don’t tan your skin instantly. Instead, your tan develops after a few treatments and intensifies with continued applications. Ultimately, you’re in complete control of the strength of your shade as well as how long it stays - making it easier than ever to have that year-round tan!

These products contain molecules that interact with cells on the skin’s surface to temporarily darken the skin and stimulate a tan. Whether your complexion lost its glow, you want to enhance your natural tone, or you simply want to maintain your warmth, it’s impossible to go wrong with a gradual tan. You even have the option of combining a 1-hour self-tan foam with a gradual tanner to establish the initial shade and then make it last even longer.

Your choice of application: gradual tan foam or gradual tan lotion

Bodyskin’s gradual tanning products are formulated for everyday use and contain hydrating ingredients, making for a foolproof application that eliminates the risk of unsightly streaks. You also get to determine your application frequency. If you’re going for a deep, pronounced tone, apply it more than three times a week or stick to alternating days if you simply seek to maintain your tan.

You have the option of choosing between gradual tan foam or gradual tan lotion for different applications that deliver the same result.

Gradual tan foam: This is a perfect option for first-time tanners because of the way it creates smooth layers on the skin. Products like the B.Tan Sweet Sunset Vibes Gradual Tan Mousse or MineTan’s Violet Gradual Tan Foam are easy to apply and dry quickly.

Gradual tan lotion: If you don’t always have the time to keep your skin hydrated or have dry, sensitive skin that loves creamy formulas, gradual tan lotions like MineTan 3-in-1 Gradual Tan Lotion will work best to give your skin the nourishment it deserves.

When you buy gradual tanners online from Bodyskin, you won’t be left with that undesirable self-tan smell. Our high-quality products contain odorless ingredients and products like the MineTan Coconut Gradual Tan Foam include exotic coconut water to restore and revitalize skin while leaving a sweet scent. View the rest of our gradual tanning products here.