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The exquisite art of self-tanners

Creating that perfect golden glow requires skill and finesse. Some might even say it’s a delicate art form. However, as with any artistry, the artist is only as good as the tools and materials she uses. Choosing the right self-tanner could mean the difference between a streaky finger painting and a smooth masterpiece.

Nothing can boost your confidence in the same way that a flawless tan does. Unfortunately, many people have been lead to believe that a flawless sunless tan is either impossible to achieve or difficult to maintain. Believe it or not, but it’s quite effortless to get your desired tone and become the golden goddess you really are. If you want to wear your sunless tan with pride, you simply need to buy a self-tanner that suits your exact needs and, more importantly, your skin tone.

Not all self-tanners are created equal

You have one-of-a-kind skin, so don’t go for a one-size-fits-all approach. From foams and gradual tanners to facial tan mists and contour enhancers, Bodyskin offers an endless range of self-tanning products that have been carefully formulated to suit pale, fair, medium and dark skin tones and deliver specific desired results. Our comprehensive product range boasts only the best performing and highest quality self-tanner brands available such as MineTan, B.Tan and Nano Mist.

Before you buy self-tanner online, you need to make sure the product suits your unique needs. Our product range includes the following:

Self-tanning foams: Generally, self-tanning foams create a darker sunless tan than tanning lotions and dry quickly. Application is easy because foams layer over the skin and you’re able to see where the colour goes, making this ideal for first-time tanners.

Self-tanning lotions: Lotions offer an application method that adjusts to your skin tone and blends your tan effortlessly. These lotions not only give you a natural sun-kissed look, but they also contain enriching ingredients that moisturise your skin to ensure your tan lasts even longer.

Gradual tanners: This is perfect for those seeking to strengthen or maintain a perfect tan, but it can also be used daily to gradually build a lasting glow over a sustained period. Be sure to use a product that restores and maintains the skin’s moisture.

Face tanners: For those looking to achieve a consistent overall tan, our range includes specialized products that can be applied to even the most sensitive skin to create a subtly elegant face tan.

Tanning drops: If you prefer personalized hair colours and cosmetics, you can customize the shade of your tan with our innovative tanning drops. Suitable for both face and body, you can experiment and mix different tones to create one that’s 100% your own.

Self-tan accessories: The last thing you want to do is improvise with accessories and risk ending up with blotchy hands or streaky legs. From specialized tanning mitts to scrubs designed for pre-tanning exfoliation, we’ve got you covered.

Self-tan remover: Revolutionary self tanning removal products allow you to remove traces of self-tan build up to prep and prime your skin for the application of your next tan.

In order to truly get the long-lasting glow you desire, you need to make sure you buy self-tanner products suited to your skin tone. After all, everyone’s skin types aren’t the same, why should your self-tanner be? Browse our full range to buy a self-tanner that’s ideal for you.