Spray Tan Machine

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Get a gorgeous glow in minutes with a spray tan machine

It’s no secret that a spray tan is one of the best ways to get beautifully bronzed skin. This safe, sunless glow is achieved with a spray tan machine which works by spraying a fine mist over your body, usually in a spray tan booth or tent. If you have always thought that spray tanning is out of your reach, think again. You can apply your own spray tan at home with your very own spray tan gun!

Whether you’re always on the go and don’t have time to go to a tanning salon or if you simply prefer getting your tan on in the comfort of your own home, a professional spray tan machine makes it possible for you to do your own spray tan like a pro.

A professional spray tan machine for home use

A portable spray tan machine delivers exactly the same quality as the machines tanning professionals use. These innovative machines are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for those wishing to take their tan with them wherever they go. Designed for home use, a spray tan gun allows you to easily apply a safe, sunless glow without the usual risks that come from prolonged exposure to UV rays such as premature aging, dark spots, sun spots and, of course, skin cancer.

When you buy a spray tan machine, make sure you choose a professional product that will deliver matching results. Bronze Babe Spray Tan Kit, available on Bodyskin.care, is the perfect device for mobile tanning services as well as professional tanning at home. This easy-to-use portable spray tan machine has been designed to make applying spray tan on hard to reach areas as effortless as possible and it even includes a heating feature to make your tan dry faster. Its compact size means it’s lighter than most hair dryers, so you can also take your never-ending golden glow with you when you travel.