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Bodyskin - Self tan products for your perfect look

Say goodbye to pale skin, unwanted tan lines, and prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays, and say hello to ultimate perfection. While there are many things you can’t control, your tan isn’t one of them. Thanks to incredible advancements in sunless tanning in recent years, the perfect tone has never been easier to achieve. With endless sunless tanning products available to you, you can customize your tan based on your individual skin tone, preferred application method, desired shade, and personal product preferences.

We know that your dream tan is as extraordinary as you are. This is why the Bodyskin range of products has been uniquely formulated to provide you with a tailored tanning experience, ensuring you get the flawless tan you’ve always dreamed of. From self-tanning foams and lotions to gradual tanners and spray tanning machines, we have a comprehensive self-tanning solution for every need. Our premium products contain superior quality ingredients to ensure a long-lasting, streak-free sunless shine without that sharp self-tan smell.

Choose the self-tanner that fits your skin tone

The Bodyskin range of self-tanning products is suited to pale, fair, medium or dark skin tones to make sure you get the best possible shade from your self-tanner. These products are formulated to nourish and replenish while developing your tan simultaneously.

Self-tanning foams: Prep for perfection when you have that last-minute party or want an on-the-go tan. Self-tanning foams act faster than gradual tanners and self-tanning lotions and generally create a darker sunless tan. These products contain a guide color which lets you see which areas of your body have already been treated and where you still need to apply the foam. Your tan develops over a period of one to three hours and will grow darker the longer you leave it on, ultimately giving you control over the depth of your shade. The application method of mousse is ideal for first-time tanners, as it evenly layers onto your skin. Our products are also enriched with aloe vera and other hydrating oils so that you get a tan that’s as good for your skin as it is for your confidence.

Gradual tanners: Some of the best things in life develop over time. Available as a lotion or foam, gradual tanners are products you can apply daily to control the strength of your shade as well as how long it stays. Instead of creating an instant tan, these products interact with skin cells to gradually build a tan over time with continued applications. You can use a gradual tanner to enhance your natural tone, prolong your sunless tan, or maintain a gentle warmth over long periods of time. Opt for pairing your gradual tanner with a 1-hour self-tan foam to apply a beautiful bronze and then ensure it lasts as long as it possibly could. Containing natural ingredients like coconut water and jojoba oil, our gradual tanners provide a truly luxurious experience.

Face tanners: For when you want a consistent glow from tip to toe or when you want to look radiant during the chilly winter months, face tanners are specifically formulated for delicate skin. Bodyskin face tanners contain moisturizing ingredients that have been combined with a gentle tanning formula, ensuring your skin stays hydrated while giving you the healthy glow you want. Available as tanning drops as well as a fine mist, application is easy and eliminates the risk of unsightly streaks and stains.

Tanning drops: If you prefer to customize your shade and have more control over your tan, you can use tanning drops for a deeply hydrating sunless glow. Tanning drops come in different tones like mid-tone mink, exotic violet, cool dark ash, or rich blue-black to allow you to experiment and ultimately create your own unique tanning formula. These tan drops can be added to your everyday lotions, creams, and other cosmetic products for a truly illuminating tan.

Self-tan remover & accessories: Because we want to set you up for success, we also provide you with all the tools you need. You can use our innovative self-tan remover to remove all unwanted leftover self-tan and prep your skin for your next self-tanner application. We also have a silky soft application mitt to make self-tan application as effortless as possible.

Spray tan like a pro

At Bodyskin, we understand you want to create your own shade in your own way. This is why we also offer an extensive range of professional spray tanning products. From spray tan solutions designed to create specific shades to professional spray tanning machines, we want you to apply your own spray tan at home like a pro.

Spray tan solutions: For the goddesses who simply don’t have time to visit a tanning salon, you can get tanned in minutes in the comfort of your own home or on the go. The application of a fine mist eliminates the risk of streaks or blotches and your tan develops within 10 - 20 minutes after application. Our spray tanning solutions contain 100% natural DHA and are enriched with natural hydrating oils, antioxidants, and other plant extracts to nourish your skin and sustain your tan for up to 7 days. Combine a spray tan solution with a gradual tanner to make it last even longer.

Spray tan machines: Lightweight and portable, our spray tan machines are available in pink or black and are used by mobile spray tanning professionals. These innovative tan guns weigh less than the average hairdryer, making them perfect for home use and on-the-go tanning wherever you are. The streamlined design helps you to evenly apply your spray tan while the integrated heating feature helps your tan dry even faster.

Keep in mind that your sunless tan will only be as professional as the products you use. At Bodyskin, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality self-tanning solutions from the most trusted brands in the industry. Save up to 40% on self-tanners and spray tan products from popular brands like MineTan, B.Tan, Bronze Babe and Nano Mist and rest assured that you’ll get the most out of your glamorous golden glow.